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SteraMist continuously achieves a six-log (99.9999%) efficacy against the gold standard for sterilization, Geobacillus stearothermophilus and Bacillus atrophaeus, notoriously difficult to kill spores.

EPA Registered for Staphylococcus aureus (Staphylococcus) (Staph), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Pseudomonas)​, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MSRA), Salmonella enterica (Salmonella)​, Influenza A virus (H1N1), Clostridium difficile spores (C. diff)​, Norovirus (Feline Calicivirus) (FCV) and EPA Listed for: Norovirus​ (List G), MRSA​ (List H), C. difficile​ (List K), Ebola​ (List L), Avian Influenza​ (List M), Emerging Pathogens, including SARS CoV-2 (List N) Emerging Viral Pathogens (List Q). EPA Registration #90150-2.

Steramist Delivers
10 Distinct Advantages

Six log or greater kill

While many competitors can achieve up to four-log kills (99.99%), SteraMist can easily achieve up to six-log (99.9999%) efficacy against some of the hardest to kill pathogens. 

Unique, Patented Technology

Many hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants rely on high concentrations or extended exposure to hydrogen peroxide (or other chemicals) or harmful additives such as silver, but the efficacy of SteraMist is the result of creating natures hydroxyl radicals that kill on contact.

Consistent & Rapid Results

As an EPA registered combination of both solution and technology, SteraMist has been designed to use only BIT solutions to optimize disinfection results. No need to mix or dilute BIT solution or use mismatched chemicals and applicators, each system comes ready-to-use.

Superior Material Compatibility

With no need to rely on concentration or exposure, SteraMist features superior compatibility on many common and uncommon surfaces without the risk of corrosion, toxins, or residues. This includes many metals, glass, plastic, and so much more.

Leaves No Residue, No Wiping or Rinsing Required

SteraMist is a gentle, easy-to-use disinfection that eliminates the need to wipe or rinse surfaces after application. iHP technology creates a dry mist, meaning the only thing left in the area post-treatment is humidity.

Nanometers in Particle Size

SteraMist technology is designed to shear BIT Solution into a fine, gas-like mist, creating particle sizes that range from as low as submicron sizes up to 3 microns, eliminating the risk of surface spatter and reducing missed areas.

Broad Efficacy

SteraMist features trusted efficacy against a multitude of different microorganisms, including viruses, spores, and bacteria. From hard-to-kill standards like Geobacillus stearothermophilus to the common cold, SteraMist is the solution.

Moves Like a Gas

Particles as small as nanometers result in a finer, lighter mist. Once iHP enters the space being treated, it lingers and maneuvers into difficult to reach areas, such as the underside of furniture or tight crevices that traditional cleaning methods would otherwise miss – all without causing moisture buildup via oversaturation or missing areas in shadow.

Cost Effective

SteraMist offers premium disinfection solutions to accommodate a variety of budgets, and each one offers the power and dependability of iHP technology. That means upfront cost is often recuperated down the line when you save on cleaning chemicals, potential surface damage, unnecessary labor, operational downtime, cross-contamination risk, and so much more.

Routine Preventative Maintenance & Emergency Deployment

Whether you choose SteraMist as your first line of microorganism defense in the event of an emergency, or as a part of your daily cleaning process, every benefit of SteraMist makes it the perfect addition to your disinfection toolkit.

Featured case study

The Rising Threat of Foodborne Illnesses

The Avian flu has impacted 60 million domestic birds throughout 47 states recorded. While egg prices continue to hit an all-time high, the virus is also mutating to infect other mammals including grizzly bears found in Montana. SteraMist provides needed protection as an EPA-registered disinfection solution, effectively eliminating a wide array of viruses, bacteria, and spore types typically left behind during manual cleaning and less effective disinfection methods.

50,000+ Lbs of Meat
47 States Recorded


Cleaning SolutionHigh-Log
No Mixing
No Bleach,
Chlorine, Acetic
Acids, Dyes
Micron Size
No Residue
Hydrogen peroxide
Electrostatic sprayerYESYESYES
Manual clean
Quaternary ammonium
Chlorine dioxideYES